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Some of The Brag Trade art group (Bundaberg, Australia – Dennis, Gaye, Jacky, Julie – Terri had just left. Obviously, by the look of my shirt, that sponge cake and chips are taking their toll.


. . . . But we had a great time anyway. Our usual fortnightly get-together – at one of the Brag Trade members’ caravan at the beach. I brought my basic drawing bag along – oil-pastels, pencils and art pad, but as my Ol’ Northern England Dad would say if he were still alive, as far as art goes, we all did “nowt.” Aye, it certainly was nowt, but we enjoyed ourselves with coffees and a sponge cake topped with real cream, strawberries and pieces of chocolate. Luxury, aye that it was, me lads and wenches (my Dad again). Then at noon-ish, Julie and Jacky went out and brought back fish n chips – as only Bargara can do them, brilliant. We needed to talk about the upcoming “On The Brink” exhibition for The Brag Trade at Gatakers Artspace, Maryborough Queensland, Opening Night 3rd Oct 2014. Gallery open at 6pm. official opening 6.30pm. Come one and all – everyone invited.

So we sat around outside under a few shady trees and chatted about all the details of the exhibition. My own “On The Brink” works will include a number of acrylic paintings. But also a photo-art series on Pagan ceremony called “Women & Majick – Sisters in Spirit.”

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Me, and a gnarly fig tree. Faces in the gnarls.




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