Friday 3rd Oct 2014. “On The Brink” exhibition at Gatakers Artspace, Maryborough, Qld (Australia).


“Puffing and globbering they drugged theyselves rampling or dancing with wild abdomen, stubbing in wild postumes amongst themselves . . .” (John Lennon ‘In His Own Write.’ 1964)

Well, a good time was had by all. Not a big crowd, but then again, being a musician I have been in rock bands in the past and played to one person in the audience (the Publican). So I am used to it. But a quality crowd it was though, lovely people, interested in some chat and wine over some canvases (not literally). So had a great night of wine, nibblies and art. The people of Gatakers Artspace did a fantastic job of putting our works up. The Brag Trade delivered all our art pieces last Monday, and left it all on the floor against the walls. It looked a mess. I couldn’t see how they could make a good exhibition from it, as we had so much stuff, and so little wall space it seemed. Many thanks to Trevor Spohr, Susan Rogers, gallery staff and volunteers. A brilliant job, and you are all sooo easy and friendly to deal with. Cheers!

But to continue – after wondering how our works might go on the walls – wow, turned up Friday night, and loved it. I picked the short straw and so did a mini speech to intro the show. Had a good chat with the Mayor of Maryborough, Gerard O’Connell. Great guy – he must be (a great guy), as he didn’t wear a tie for the evening.  I thought that was a nice casual touch for a Mayor. Thanks so much Gerard for attending our little event. Great to see you there.


My “Women & Majick – Sisters in Spirit” series (Photo-art).



Some of The Brag Trade – Jacky, Julie, Terri & me – Behind: 3 of my acrylics “Nude Strata,” “The Beached Ones” and “Stratification.”



Great to see the Mayor of Maryborough turn up (behind perspex cabinet, chatting to Brag Traders Jacky & Terri).



Dave (not Slash!) from Toogoom turned up for a look at “Nude Strata.”



My 8 x 10 photo from the “Women & Majick – Sisters In Spirit” series. Soon to be featured on this Art Blog site.


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