Do you have the desire to try something different? On-the-edge? Slightly Scary, but not life-threatening? Instead of sky-diving, or BASE jumping, or walking on hot coals for self-confidence, try “Art Bungee Jumping.” Well, that is my term for Life Modelling anyway. Especially recommended for artists – even more so if you do Life Drawing.

It was model Sophia (see many posts of the beautifully nude Sophia on this site) who inspired me to give it a go. Inspired when I first saw her modelling many years ago at a Life Class. It was my first-ever life drawing class. When she dropped her robe I thought, “Wow, that is amazing – totally naked within a circle of fully-clothed artists. How powerful is that?” It was my first slightly apprehensive experience drawing at a Life Class. I felt like one of the plebs – one of the ten artists in the room, hiding behind our easels and clothes. Sophia was the one with the Power. It was a moment of epiphany for me. I wanted to some day give it a go, to sample some of that Power.

And so I eventually did. I did a one night modelling stint at a private art studio in Bundaberg. That broke the ice for me, to do a whole term at a TAFE College art class. It is odd that many artists will think nothing of drawing nude models, but would say “no way” if it were suggested that they also model. Well, to each their own, I can understand that. But I would totally recommend the experience.

Ph Shop Life Modelling_edited-1

The photos here are from TAFE – I did a 2 hour session each week, and got paid pretty good money. But money aside, the experience was almost euphoric at first – like skinny dipping with friends at the beach but much more liberating. After my session each week I was on cloud 9 – feeling extra confident and empowered. This permeated my everyday life. I guess people who do extreme sports get similar good vibes. But me, I am not into physical risk-taking. I will go for mental risk-taking like Life Modelling any day. The extra bonus was, that as an artist, I got to experience the other side of the canvas/lens. It has given me a greater insight into photographic Life Modelling also. It is well worth considering – at least give it a go once in your life. What a buzz. I hope to do some more in the near future.

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