This apparition appeared to me during my usual Friday morning as a volunteer receptionist at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (BRAG). Normally, my grocery trolley (& hat) are tucked away into the corner. But a new stand-in office worker – Jolene – had moved it out, to access the cupboards. I turned and saw this dark figure. Oddly, the day was Friday October 31st (Halloween).

As I am unable to drive a car these days (vision impairment – see some previous entries this site), I walk everywhere and the trolley is my car boot.

Shoppers in supermarkets have commented to me as I have transported it in a shopping cart around the shop – “I thought there was a little kid in your cart, with a hat on,” they would say.

This is the first time I have ever been taken aback by it myself. She even looks cross with me, arms folded, waiting to be taken home. Can’t wait to have me all to herself perhaps. What she has in mind, I have no idea. But whatever, it seems rather ominous.

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