“Smashed Graffiti” – photo-art copyright Dennis Mealor 2014

One of these images, called “Smashed Graffiti” was first featured on this Art Blog 12-5-2014. Herewith  more of the background story, in pictures and text. It was an ordinary day in Bundaberg CBD, not much to report – then I walked past this wall in a vacant lot-cum-car-park in Woondooma Street. I haven’t been back since, to see if it is still there. Not to worry, I have my own copies of it here.

Basically, it looks like the wall was heavily graffiti-fied (most of it by the Tattoo shop the wall belongs to), then the fibro wall panels were smashed up by someone  unknown. I love the value-adding of the smash process. Reminds me of the ephemeral nature of graffiti, and all things CBD. Love the colours, and the revealed brick walls. Some people get quite peeved at graffiti. Well yes, in the wrong place it can be an attack on the innocent and not so wealthy. I wouldn’t want it across my home unit. But there is an argument for it in abandoned, public places. This collaborative work (unknown artist/s plus graffiti-clasts) cheered me up a lot. On the day I saw it, I felt that in little ‘ol Bundaberg, there was some undercurrent of artistic pressure building up and had found an outlet. These people unknown are responsible for a surge of happiness in one passer-by at least.

No doubt the Council would deem it vandalism, and nothing more. Let’s not mention the State sanctioned vandalism that goes on in the name of progress and money, to our natural environment. Another story there.

But, well, yes, there IS vandalism here. The graffiti artists vandalised the wall. Then the graffiti-clasts vandalised the graffiti with their panel smashing. If Council clears it all away, maybe that will be another case of vandalism. Personally, I think graffiti might  be one of our last places (bastions?) for freedom of speech/expression,  where someone will actually notice. The Internet is certainly not a place to be noticed much, by most. Grains of sand on a beach.



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