scan0004 DAD 1991Herewith my late father at his trade on the River Dee, off Wirral, England in 1991. He was 68 at the time – retired, but still doing a couple of days’ fishing a week, in the shrimp season. My birth town is Parkgate, Wirral, Cheshire, near here. But this was offshore from the town of Caldy, more towards the mouth of the Dee. Parkgate is no longer a viable spot to fish, due to centuries of gradual silting.

Dad still lived  at his beloved Parkgate. I took this during my first trip back to the UK (from Australia). His boat made two runs out towards the mouth of the Dee and back, to catch two net-loads of shrimps that morning. This part of The Dee is a wide estuary. A hazy view of land (either the English or Welsh coasts) is barely seen in the background. From memory, I would say it is the English coast (The Wirral Peninsula), as the net is in the water, catching the shrimps on the way back upstream.




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