Some people I know are not too familiar with how a “Blog” works. Well, the ‘Home’ page has all the latest entries. If you scroll down to the bottom of each page, click on “previous entries” and you can go back, page by page, to see my past entries of artworks and comments. There are many, many pages, and growing every week. I usually add more art pieces and/or text every few days. So there will be new stuff regularly. If you subscribe, I believe you get an automatic email, telling you when there is a new entry posted on my art blog.  By that last statement, obviously I am not all that IT savvy either. IT is something I just put up with, so I can get my art out there. When in doubt, ask an IT person, or someone under 30 :)

Click on “Home” any time (top of page), and you will be brought back to the latest page.

PS: The word ‘subscribe’ always scares me, as though there is money to pay. But no, it is free. No strings attached. This is a free blog purely to promote my art. Basically, a CV. Thanks All. Dennis :)

PPS: Write me a short (or long) email if you like, preferably a nice one. (but no ads please). Just click on “contact” at top of the page. Cheers. D.

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