Was down by the river the other day (again – I go there most late afternoons). Took these pics from afar, with the little zoom on the compact  Sony camera). There’s a story in it. And dialogue. This is my interpretation, in the subtitles on each pic. I could clean it up, but I am a purist, if that is the right (oxymoronic) word. Aussies don’t say “Pass the damn bait, Jonathan.”


1. DSC02247

1. Bloke on Left: ” Ahh, fishin’. Nothin’ fucken like it, eh? But I think I’ve run out of bait.”


2. DSC02240

2. Bloke on Left: “Hey, Johnno. I’m out of fucken bait. You bring any extra, mate?”








3. DSC02241

3. Middle Bloke: “Fuck, no, Bruce. I thought you brought extra shit.”





4. DSC02242

4. Middle Bloke: “Pete! Bruce wants to know if there’s any extra bait?”





5. DSC02243

5. Pete, on the Right: “Hang on. I think I might have some more.”





6. DSC02244

6. Pete on Right: “Got it here somewhere, mate. Too easy.”






7. Pete on Right: “Shit. Was sure I had more bait. Hang on Bruce.”





8. DSC02246

8. Bruce on Left: Fuck it. I’m havin’ a beer.”






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