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I had this drawing in a frame on the floor – leaning against my unit wall, when the 2013 Bundaberg flood hit. So the original was destroyed. Luckily, I keep photos of all my works. This is done in oil-pastels, of model Sophia at a local Life Class. The class is untutored (great), so we all just turn up, and we get model (male or female), good wine; and pizza at half time. And all for $12 Australian – for 2 hours. I have used other media such as charcoal, but I keep coming back to oil pastels. Maybe because I don’t like that feeling of dry chalkiness on my fingers. And I like the way oil pastels blend. Ironic, the oil – as I have drawn Sophia with a touch of Miss Olive Oil. My cartoon roots keep coming through, to haunt me. But I let it come. Sophia has done quite a lot of photographic modelling for me, as you will notice on my previous posts. Search “Viva Italia,”  or “Belladonna” on this site. She is definitely NOT like Olive Oil (but she IS Italian :)

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