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Just a detail (s’all you are getting for now!) from each of two of my new works, “Dinghy,” and “Dinghy Two.” These paintings represent a new direction for me. Yet they draw on my past, as the son of an English shrimp fisherman.

My father plied his shrimping trade (as his father before him, etc. . .) on the River Dee in Wirral, Cheshire, England. I am doing 4 art pieces in abstract form, as my emotional connection to this childhood past: based on impressions of The Dinghy – its myriad of gaudy colours (that my Dad always seemed to apply – with later accidental splodges of other paint) and textures as I recall, from my child-mind’s eye; and of the dark blue water of the estuarine Dee.

The Brag Trade’s exhibition – “Beached” – will be at Bundaberg’s old heritage building, the School of Arts in Bourbong Street. It is near the NAB building, and the Allowishus café.

2. DSC03445a crop, autoThe exhibition begins on opening night 6pm Friday 19th June, 2015. It will be there until Sunday afternoon, 21st June. Everyone is welcome. Come and meet the Brag Trade artists – including me – and have a glass of wine or two,  some finger food; and a chat. The School of Arts is a quaint Australian Federation building for those who have not been there before. A nice atmosphere for any art exhibition.

Also, it will be my last exhibition as a member of The Brag Trade. For various reasons, I have decided to call it a day with them, and go it alone for awhile – return to my Inner Hermit. He beckons. But no doubt, I will be looking for a new group to join in the not-too-distant future. Ebb and flow. I am like that. Many people are. Time to Ebb for now. Hope to see you there on 19th June.

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