1. DSC06517a crop, autohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89yym6WJMw8

(CLICK ON YOU TUBE LINK ABOVE – please use headphones or biggish speakers)

I was all set up to make a little film clip for You Tube. This here was the sound and video check. After this, I was going to get ‘ponced up’ with a nice brightly-coloured  shirt, long jeans and maybe a Spanish-style hat. But I liked this take, so here it is, as is. Often works out better when you are not trying. Same as visual art really, most times. Try hard and it can appear  contrived. Nothing worse than contrived. Painting on commission, to a particular theme or subject. Contrived. Not my cup of tea.

Herewith the cajon, a drum of sorts. Cajon, pronounced ‘ka-hon’. Another drummer mate said recently that ‘everyone forgets that it is just a wooden box.’ Well, a wooden box, with a rattly snare fixed inside it. But aren’t all drums just boxes? Round boxes mainly. Well, here is a square one. A cajon. Have only had it for a few days, and already I am rather obsessed with it.

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