I have a fat, typed book that was the first (bound) draft of my PhD novel. And each page is blank on the back. So I turned it around and have used the blank pages as a note pad for some time. It is getting pretty full of shopping lists, Things to Do, and rough drawings.  And lately I have been doing lots of ‘doodles’ – usually cartoons of objects such as cats, dogs, apples, faces, whatever. Here’s one that turned into a “Meals’ Spiel” (above). For some odd reason, I will do a longer feature of my Doodling Book on the site, soon. Sort of, the “Out-Takes” of my cartoons & etchings. As you might know if you frequent this Art Blog, I also do Out-Takes of some of my nude photography: the photos you have when you are not having a photo. So this is another version of that idea.

DSC07405Maybe this doodling stuff should be entitled “Art Stuff  That Should Never Be Exhibited or Published.”  oh well, this is just a Blog. So here it is. But more on this, shortly.  In future posts.

PS: I am a drummer from way back, which might explain the Drum cartoon :-)


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