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I have sold a number of works at the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) in the past – both paintings & photo-art, during exhibitions. But have never sold anything at their gift shop before. Then today,  a phone call from BRAG that this little one, “A Slice of Strata” left the building  (9″ square) – acrylic & mixed media on canvas.

This Stratification/ Strata topic has been a theme of mine for some time (see a previous post explaining this). But I have left it alone for awhile. “Canvas Block” and all that for many months. But a sale always inspires, despite the money not being what  art is all about. Yes, the money is great (to help subsidise one’s art work). But more than that, it is  the nice feeling you get when someone has liked your art piece enough to buy it.  Always a great honour when that happens – and a grateful piece of you goes out the door, and will adorn someo0ne’s wall. Nice feeling indeed.

I am also including another painting in the “Slices of Strata” series, below. This one was sold a few years ago (evidently to the Dean of CQ University) at a Brisbane exhibition:  “Bundaberg Bohemians – Not Bogans,” involving eleven Bundaberg artists at the time – at Brisbane’s Bleeding Heart Gallery. I guess the fossilised turtles  hit the nail on the head – with its very Queensland (Australia) theme. Bundaberg, for example, has the largest sea turtle rookery and research station in the Southern Hemisphere. Well worth a look if you visit Bundaberg – on a  warm summer night, to see large female turtles lay their eggs in the sand of Mon Repos beach; or baby turtle hatchlings digging their way out, and heading for the open sea. One of the best experiences I have ever had.

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