The drought has hopefully broken. I have finally globbed paint onto a canvas after maybe a year of nowt. During that year, I have managed to stay with my photo-art, oil-pastel sketches, and cartoons. But nary a painting onto canvas. These here are small; so a humble re-start. But: baby steps are good.

Herewith a painting in my quite  obsessive Strata theme: “Slice of Strata Six.”  The next post above here will show another: “Slice of Strata Seven.” No prizes for how I get the titles.  Obviously, I have already painted five others in the Slices of Strata series (three sold thus far). These are all small off-spring of larger works, “Stratification” and “Nude Strata.” Please search “Strata,” “Stratification” and “Nude Strata” on this site, for more examples, and lots more backstory. One of these pieces will be available for sale at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) gift shop (Bundaberg, Australia) – in the next few days; and the other at Childers Art Gallery (Charts) – near Bundaberg – in the near future.


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