Wednesday, 28th May 2014

Images below from 2 weeks ago at Bargara beach (Bundaberg, Australia). Supposed to go there again today for outdoor painting with the art group that I am a member of: The Brag Trade – made up of Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) volunteers. But the weather was a bit weird early on – overcast and slightly rainy, so we postponed it. What a bunch of wimps. But turned out fine in the end. Oh well.

We are going to have another go at it tomorrow, weather permitting. Here’s a photo from our last outing – Bargara beach (me, and Gaye from the group) – the outing helped get my mojo working again after the flood from last year. Bundaberg is still mentally, emotionally and financially coming to terms with it – largest flood ever on record. A thousand roof-top helicopter rescues. I was one of the lucky ones, with 8″ of water over my floor boards. Four months a virtual refugee. Others lost everything. Have only done 4 paintings since then. Luckily my photo-art mojo stayed intact, probably as it is more compact a medium, and more sociable, as it involves working with wonderful models (well, everyday women/friends – better than mere “models.”). So apart from the photo-art, is good for a chat and coffee. Kept me sane :). Also, easy to store photos, rather than canvases, and less setting up. I don’t have a studio in my little unit – so I paint in the bathroom – has good light for my crappy eyesight! The back leg of the tripod easel used to go in the bath ha ha. Now, thanks to BRAG’s art flood auction and subsequent donations after the flood, I have a free-standing easel (as well as the folding one here). Thanks so much BRAG. Like family. Other Brag Traders there on the day (2 weeks ago) were: Gaye, Jacky; and Julie S.


Bargara Beach, Bundaberg copyright Dennis Mealor 2014.

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