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My first time back (last night) at Life Drawing at the art shop/studio Art Plus (Bundaberg, Australia), after about 3 months off. I missed last fortnight’s session. Always good to have Sophia modelling. She knows her stuff. Still only $15 for the night, with wine supplied, and pizza at half time. What a great night out. A friendly, casual atmosphere, but we all love our art. The numbers were down a tad, as there was another arty thing on in town. But there is usually a core of about eight artists.


Feel like having a go at it? Even if you are inexperienced, no matter – we never stop learning, and no-one need see your work. Phone Marlies on 41514665 if you live in the Bundaberg area, and maybe come along. Once a fortnight, on a Thursday night (6pm to 8pm). All welcome (easels & tables supplied – just bring your own art materials). It is untutored, so you just do your own thing. Just as much a social night really, as an art night.

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I have included almost all my sketches for the night – warts and all. In my usual cartoony (and na├»ve) style. The single colour (oil-pastel) sketches are either of one minute duration, or two minutes. The others (oil-pastels & 2B pencil) are 10 or 15 minutes. For the record, I am more interested in getting some ‘life’ and expression  into the drawings, rather than  realism, or perfect proportions. In general, I am pretty much an Anti-Realist. For two reasons, mainly. One, I probably can’t do it, even if I tried. And two, I get totally bored with it, so have never bothered trying. To me, Realism has hijacked a lot of the art world of late. I’ll leave Realism to those who love it, and can do it well. Besides, I get my dose of realism from my photo-art. That is enough for me, and a sort of self-purging antithesis to  my paintings and drawings (and vice versa).


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