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This is an early example of one of my cartoons: an ad for the local paper (Maryborough Chronicle) – announcing the last gig of a rock band called Gunn. I was a member of Gunn in 1974 (Maryborough Queensland). The band (along with other bands at the time: Black Cat Bone; members of Watt; and The Massive Fergusons (comprised of various past Maryborough musos and others), will play at The Carriers Arms Hotel, Maryborough (Q. Australia) on Saturday 5th March 2016. Doors open 7pm. Cover charge $10. All welcome.

image1Those were the days of a vibrant “Aussie Pub Band” scene across Australia. The average local band could make a pretty good income then, playing about three nights a week for good money. At age 18, I was making more money in one night playing at the pub than a whole week’s wages working for “The Man” in Telecom Australia. No wonder I would come into work most days at Telecom with clothes pegs holding up my eye-lids. It wasn’t just the late nights either, but also copious pots of beer as we played. I could barely see enough to pack up my drum kit at the end of the night. Ahhh, the Good Ol’ days. Thank the Gods I survived to tell the tale. I am lucky to have a few glasses of red wine a week now. And my liver is very grateful.

Most of us were cover bands in those days (now the bands specialise and make it into “Art” by calling themselves a Tribute Band, ha ha). Some of the cover songs to be featured on 5th March will be: Matter of Time (Railroad Gin- see Chase clip here); Natural Born Bugie (Small Faces); Most people I know (Billy Thorpe); and Whiter Sade of Pale (Procol Harum)to name but a few.

So please Roll Up to the Carriers, Maryborough if you are in the area Saturday 5th March 2016, about 7pm. Should be a great night. Four reunion rock and blues bands. Including Gunn. That ad (above) lied. This gig (42 years later) will be Gunn’s Last Bang actually.


den congas (a) - from Geoff Fulop 22-2-16 PhSh

(left): A fuzzy pic of me (vocal, tambourine, congas)  and Geoff Fulop (drums), probably at Maryborough City Hall 1974.

(below): “Farewell to Gunn” ad from The Maryborough Chronicle – 1974.

(bottom): Chase and “Matter of Time” cover clip – 1982. I played flute & vocals for Chase years later in Bundaberg. This song will be featured at the 42 Years After gig.


Farewell to Gunn ad





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