DSC06331Well, “Cave,” or “Abyss.” But I usually call it the Abyss: – the archives deep down in the bottom of this Art Blog. But alliteration beckons, for Cave. Just a fill-in while I get my next serious (?) post set-up. Comic relief, in a sense. So, it is really just a compilation of my “Meals’ Spiel” cartoon series.  My favourite is the Fish n Chips one. Maybe because it is just . . . well, so stupid. And the drawing is rough as guts. But it makes me hungry when I see it. Takes me back to my childhood (age 7 or 8) when – in England – I used to copy comics such as The Beano and The Dandy. And a cartoon character Desperate Dan. He was always eating big piles of chips, fish and fried eggs – gigantic stacks of them. Ah, the memories (click on images to enlarge – some devices may rotate them).

1. DSC06887a crop, B&W, auto
1. DSC09109





1. - BEST - DSC06991a crop, B&W, auto - outside


DSC05647a crop, auto for FB and Blog








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