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Had a great afternoon at the Life group near where I live on the Sunshine Coast, Q (Australia). 1pm to 3.30pm. I was certainly rusty, as it has been months since I have been to a session – the last one was in Bundaberg maybe 4 months ago. As usual, I am the only male. My debut session in the Sunny Coast area. Nice people. Very welcoming and friendly. Seems to be more female artists these days. But I am not complaining. Maybe because I was raised by my mum and grandma for most of my childhood and teens, that I get on well with women.

I don’t want to talk sport. Or fishing. Or cars. Mainly art and music for me, and general trivia. Banter. Some people think it a waste of time (banter, that is). But no, I feel it is the glue that holds us all together. Without some trivial banter, we just talk blunt. The model was Caitlin. She did a great job. As I said, rusty (me). But I like this quick little sketch – a two-minuter. Seems to have a bit of ‘weight’ – gravity in it. I might decide to show another or two in the next day or so. I’ll see how they look in the bare light of morning. A bit of cropping, and I might be happy. But then, there’s next week’s Life Drawing session. Always room for improvement. I find it very challenging, with my rather naïve style. But probably the most relaxing and therapeutic thing I can do. And that’s the main thing.

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