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Janet – 20 minute pose. Oil pastels & 2B pencil.




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My second time at the  Life Art Group near me. Was told before her arrival that Janice, the model, would be “a bit different.”  That is, she uses a few different accessories/clothing during the session. Not what I had previously experienced with life classes – which were usually all nude (except for maybe a stick for leaning support at times).

Janice did not disappoint. Was quite chaotic in my head, trying to negotiate hat, high heeled shoes and pink knickers on paper, with the two minute time limit. But I liked the results. My usual stylistic approach, but I was happy: the sketches have a bit of feel and spontaneity to them. Not contrived. And the shorter pose sketches, a bit of unexpected whimsy. So all is good (to me). The longer poses (seated) were without clothes. And again, she was great. Not only with regard to modelling, but also her rapport with the artists. Some good banter and negotiation on poses. I like that. And we all had a few laughs too. Life Drawing should not be all serious. Thanks, Janice.

Below: The two-minute poses, complete with pink knickers (here in blue :). Oil pastels.

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