4. DSC01960a crop, enh

(click on images to enlarge – the Devil is in the detail)

Herewith, this week’s Life Drawing effort at the life art group near where I live. The model was Caitlin. Gorgeous body, but I have been accustomed to more curvy ladies in the past.  They are easier to draw, for me at least. And, as my photo-art makes obvious, women at the more mature end of the scale are also my preference. But I will persevere.

The sketch below (with detail images also) is more my style. It came about during the “Alice” sketch in the previous post (below). That was supposed to be an hour job. But I had had enough in 35 minutes. So I did this in the remaining time, of the same pose. Ah, this is more like it, rough and ready and not contrived (oil pastels & 2B pencil).


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