Please click on these two panoramic views (Before & After). The small village of Forest Glen (near Buderim, Qld., Australia) is being destroyed by stealth. Forest Glen has the sort of lush rainforest that draws people in. They want to be near it. So much so, that they are willing to destroy it, in order to live there.

The deplorable deforestation shown here is only the start. This is merely to accommodate a big traffic roundabout at the corner of Owen Creek Road and Mons Road. Next, behind that same area, a 90 million dollar townhouse development will be put in. It will house some 800 residents, right amongst the rainforest. Well, not exactly correct. The rainforest will have to go, to accommodate such a concrete jungle. So what tiny bits  of rainforest will be left, will remain to be seen.

People have to live somewhere. But why destroy the reason for people to go there? This development will be right next door to another recent rainforest clear-felled development. When the two meet up, there will be perhaps only 100 metres of rainforest left, between the two developments. So much for living amongst nature, at “nature’s edge,” as one of the blurbs goes. More like  concrete edge, with a few token rainforest trees left,  I would think.

This is an Art Blog. But sometimes (and more like ‘often’ these days), issues come up that override that. Art is nothing, and we are nothing, without a clean and healthy natural  environment around us. It is all disappearing. Fast. More photos of destruction below. Thank you Sunshine Coast Council, for approving all of this. Not.

Pics:  Once was rainforest.










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