I seem to be hooked on this theme. River and Sea (50x40cm-ish). As I said many posts ago, these paintings are inspired by one of many visits I had to Mon Repos beach – otherwise known as Turtle Sands – near Bundaberg Q. Australia. This piece was a gift to some dear Japanese friends who visited from Japan last week. By their reaction, they seemed to like it very much, which made my day.

I have sold quite a lot in this series, and as the header says, they are all the same (sorta), but all different. I don’t refer back to previous versions when I paint them, so they all have their own bit of uniqueness. And I enjoy painting them – a discipline, the antithesis to  my usual undisciplined way of doing things.

I might post all the River and Sea series together on this Art Blog next, and see how they compare.

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