I NEVER SHOW my art works unfinished (until now). This is just started. But have been in the art doldrums lately, so might keep me going by throwing it on my site here. Now I have to finish it. These are the first strokes of a painting I started as the tutor for my debut U3A class yesterday (“Painting for Therapy & Well-Being”). For those from outside Australia, U3A stands for “University of the Third Age.” It is a voluntary organisation – Australia wide – offering courses in all subjects, to people aged 60 plus.
It will certainly be therapy for me – and the gods know it, I need it at times (as a lot of us do in our lives, sporadically) – a nice group of 5 people in the class (all female as usual, for art), and keen as mustard. Very inspiring. Doing the tute has livened me up, and got me back into pure acrylics (no mixed media this time). Am very happy so far.


The class has decided we will do a café scene next week, so these figures/mannequins will have coffee cups next, I guess (but I never know – will see where it takes me).



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