WHEN I SEE THIS PHOTO, it takes me back to my escape from the 2013 Bundaberg flood, when my home was inundated. Residents had about an hour to get out before a deluge of water hit North Bundaberg like a Tsunami. They all had their cars, and took off to higher ground. I was unable to drive away, due to my visual impairment from eye trauma years before. The bridge was closed to traffic and pedestrians, as it was deemed unsafe. But I had to get out, and fast.

So I ducked under the police tape, and walked to safety. Not a soul was on the bridge as I walked. It was an eerie feeling. All I could hear was the rising rush of water under me. But when I reached about half way, I knew there was no going back. And I was going to be ok on the higher bank of the Burnett River. To this day, I still have the occasional “flood nightmare.” But they are getting fewer and fewer. Whew. Scary times. Not unlike this photo (taken after the flood), the flood turned my life upside-down.

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