Somewhere in the Arizona Desert . . . 

. . .  There is this “Eco farm.”  Before I rant on about it, here is the Farm’s own official blurb, which puts it all succinctly:

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“We are a refuge in the desert, a place for planetary and individual healing, personal discovery and creativity, Natural Earth Building, Regenerative Organic Agriculture and healthy eating. We are all about diversity, choice and freedom. A clothing optional Oasis, Harlots Haven and Queer, LGBTQ+ Sanctuary. All spiritual paths, genders, skin colors, abilities, ages and sexual orientations welcome here!”

It all takes me back to the late 1960s, and the resurgence of the Environmental Movement. I say “a resurgence,” because if my old Uni study memory serves me well, the modern Environmental Movement has connections to the Romantic Movement begun in the 1790’s by such Romantic poets as Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Robert Southey. The two poets planned a commune, which never actually materialized. Evidently there was disagreement about where this “Pantisocracy” (as it was called) would be established – either in America; or Wales. But that is all another, rather complicated story. Here is a positive echo from those earlier times, but with a fresh new modern outlook. We seem to have so much negative and worrisome news today. Here is some good news: The 42 Spirits Eco Farm & Art Community. 

See them on Facebook (minus the beautiful nudes). Unfortunately, Facebook has not left the Victorian era as yet.

The hosts Dragon and Soleil are the founders of 42 Spirits, which is all non-profit. Soleil has modelled for me from a distance (via Dragon’s photography) many times on this Art Blog. Dragon is a superb artist. For his art, he goes under the name of Dragon Sundancer. I hope to feature some of his art at a future date.

Their mission is: individual healing through healthful eating; positive group energy; honouring of the Divine Feminine; personal growth experiences; being in nature and making art; and healing of the earth through regenerative agriculture; Permaculture; natural building; Ecosexuality and generally being a place to learn about caring for the Earth (click on images to enlarge).

Sierra’s Gate

Chillin’ on the rock face.

Cooling off sans clothes (clothing optional on the Farm)

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