There it was – another one of those mystery paintings nestled amongst the furniture at the local Op-Shop (Charity store). 

I had been meaning to bring my camera along every time I visited an Op-Shop. Because I often see these mystery paintings, possibly done by local artists. Finally I did (bring the camera), and here is one such photo. I could not figure out the author’s signature. Looked like “Lee”or “L. E.” or whatever. Just another unsung artist, having a go at his/her passion – of getting some paint onto a canvas. I always wonder what the artist was thinking: Escape from the stresses of the real world maybe; or World fame? I don’t know. But this is a message from someone unknown. Just as important as any piece of artwork in some elite gallery in my books. I love the painterly style. I wonder if the scene is from real life? Or just from a beautiful place inside the artist’s head? Is the artist still alive? What was happening at their home when this was being painted? Or, if it were hung on a wall somewhere, what people saw it, enjoyed it, or commented on it? I hope the artist (or someone who knows the artist) sees this post and gets in touch with me. It would be great to know more.


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