5 minute sketch

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Well, with all this disease thing I dare not name, life drawing in town has been non-existent. So I herewith resort to digital gimmickry, and ask a friend to model for a one-on-one session on Messenger. I thought it was my own clever idea. But no, I’m sure someone else is doing it already. The plan is to get a small network of interested friends, so that I can do life drawing fairly regularly. Trouble is, it was also a bit of a catch-up, and a lot of talk compared to the amount of drawing that went on.  But here’s one of the three sketches I got done.


Apart from that disease thing locking everything down, I also had quite a lot of my own health issues, viz. two spinal injuries. The first injury precipitated the second one, evidently. That stopped me doing any drawing for a long time also. As well as preventing me from posting regularly on my Art Blog here since June 2020. I hope I am over the health hump now, and can post more of my Art – and other people’s Art. If you would like to contribute, contact me via the “contact” button at top of page, and send an email. All contributors considered, both artists and everyday people interested in modelling in the Wide bay area, Queensland (not professional models, thanks). But as I also get bulk spam and questionable sources contacting me, I would appreciate also your Facebook page, to verify who you are. Thank you. Scroll this Blog and see the contributing art posts, if you will, to get an idea of what I put on here. 


But back to life drawing on Messenger here: Was a great experience, once you overcome the initial reservation to ask a friend to pose. It could go either way. You could get your head bitten off for asking. Or not. Whatever, it is worth the risk I feel. You just keep telling yourself that it is all in the Cause of Art, and you’ll be fine. I thought that the Messenger life drawing event would be a fizzer actually, but was worth a try – no better than drawing from a static photo I thought. But no, I was wrong. It was almost as good as in the flesh so to speak. There was the rapport that you get between model and artist. The banter. And the image seemed to have a 3d-ness about it, not flat like a photo. So there was a feeling of Being There. Give it a go sometime, was very rewarding. Next time I’ll spend more time on drawing, and less on chatting, and have more drawings to show. The other two drawings were similar to this one, as I needed practice after such a long time away from it.


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