“EARTH MOTHER” (Archive recropped) – Photo-Art Copyright Dennis Mealor 2023 – Model, June.















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(Part of my ongoing “In Praise of the Older Woman” over-arching theme).

These images were taken in a rainforest at the Sunshine Coast, Q. Australia. What an amazing setting. The wall is a remnant from various old railway structures, from when the rail line used to go through there. The light was also amazing, just sneaking through the tree canopy. NO Photoshop, or AI. 




“GALLOWS POLE” – ARCHIVE (CIRCA 1972 – OILS ON BOARD – Copyright Dennis Mealor 1972.
















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I still have this one, was never framed. Sometimes I think what I did way back is better than what I do today. Uncontrived. Fresh, and emotional. I try to walk away from painting these days, or I ruin them. Know when to stop.