One of my usual walks to the North side park recently, near the Burnett Traffic Bridge, Bundaberg Australia. Almost sunset. Took this with full zoom of the rising moon on my compact Sony camera. When you click on the pic (to see it with white surround), the dark shape at top is the underside of the bridge. A nice “abstract,” but I tend  to believe that the definition of an abstract is debatable, and arbitrary. The local Bundaberg Arts Festival (an annual event) uses a term “representational” in some of their competition categories. “Must be representational” and the like. So, in their rules, this pic would not qualify it would seem, in some categories. They might say it is an abstract. But no, it is representational because it is an actual photo, with no Photoshop (as with all my photos unless stated). The Abstract is all around us: a macro close-up of the bark of a tree; or the corner of a table. Yet it is realistic. Representational. And abstract at the same time. My soapbox can equally be realistic, and abstract.

Footnote: When clicked on, this image totally changes due to the different backgrounds of the Blog site. Here it is surrounded by black. Click on the pic and see the original, how it is intended.


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