Soleil Sinclair & Dragon.

(oil pastels and 2B pencil on paper)

DSC02791a auto only BEST


See Previous post of a drawing of Soleil (search ‘Soleil’ on this site). Here is another drawing by me, inspired by a photograph sent to me by Soleil in America. This time, of Soleil & her partner Dragon. This is an on-going art project, ubiquitously called ‘Across the Miles’: between Soleil in the U. S. (California); and me in Australia (Bundaberg, Queensland).

I am using (nude) photos sent to me by Soleil, as inspiration for an eventual collage of both my drawings/paintings; and Soleil’s photos. In the meantime, each drawing will be featured on this site, as the project proceeds.

Please watch this Art Blog space for future postings on this project, as it unfolds.


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