DSC03513Last Thursday night was my fortnightly Life Drawing night. Herewith a few more drawings, with Justin as model (see previous post on this). First time I have had a chat to Justin, who said he had been looking at this blog for some time – and stumbled onto it when he was researching life modelling.

Very nice to hear – first time I have had such personal feedback. He said he enjoyed the eclectic mix of my blog, so that made my day. But also nice to hear he added, “But I disagree with some of the points you make,” and  “I am not a big fan of your ‘cartoon’ style, but I can appreciate what you are doing.” Or something to that effect. Which was refreshing. We get so used to people ‘pissing in our pockets’ these days, so to speak, (a well-known Australian term about people who are sycophantic).  Telling us what we might want to hear. So all that was worth a lot to me. Thanks Justin. And am very please you are finding my Art Blog a  good read.

DSC03515But here in my usual (cartoony) style – some more of Justin. The ones in red had a 1 minute time limit. The other, 15 minutes. Funny, but I like the 1 minuters best. They are more free, and spontaneous. They also remind me (well, slightly) of one of John Lennon’s poems from his “In His Own Write” book, and his manic drawings: “Puffing and globbering they drugged theyselves rampling or dancing with wild abdomen . . .” (Lennon, 1964).




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