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I need to clear out my hardcopy art archives, and get them onto this blog. Here’s another. So many were done pre-Internet. So, they  are – essentially – new (unpublished) works. This piece (circa 1989) was drawn from life, at a house I lived in. The oval mirror was from an old sideboard.  With antique brass hooks attached.

All was as seen here: unknown plant in a big glass vase/bottle; umbrella; maybe a plastic raincoat; and my three-quarter-size oil skin all-weather coat with Aussie Akubra (rabbit fur) hat. I have no recollection of what the framed picture was.

The house (in Avoca, Bundaberg, Australia) was rather inspiring – on the edge of a small wetland (prior to its destruction by later real estate – miles of boxy houses) – and on 3/4 acre. Beautiful gum trees out front. The lorikeets made a raucous cacophony daily, in the summer. Music to my ears. Upstairs and downstairs, with five bedrooms. Old as it was,  I loved that house. Where my now adult lads grew up. Made me want to draw.

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