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These Two chairs caught my eye at Childers’ Grand Hotel this week. (Australia). Was the end of a little excursion to Brisbane and Cooroy. So on the way back, we had a “Counter Lunch,” as it said on the sign. Wow, haven’t seen it called that for ages.

Nice old pub, The Grand. Heritage, and some nice attempted touches of restoration: corrugated iron in the loo, and almost everywhere else.

They love their corrugated iron in Queensland.

2. DSC06223The next view is taken from the under-cover dining area at the back. There was some funny drama going on here as lunch was eaten. A dog continuously barked from a ute in the street out front. One of the waitresses went past me and moaned, “God, it’s ridiculous. The bloke is in the bar at front, and the dog is barking because it can see him sitting in there.”

3. DSC06249So a few minutes’ later, the barking stopped. Problem solved: they asked the guy to move along the bar, out of sight of his dog.

Then there was a banging screen door, from the kitchen. Every time kitchen staff came out, or went in, “Bang,” almost as loud as a gunshot. A lady customer walked past, from the kitchen and complained about there being “no Eftpos.” “How can they not have Eftpos in this day and age?” she said to her male partner. I thought how authentic is that for the old Grand Hotel? No Eftpos.


4. DSC06239It was like being in a Little Theatre play. But I wasn’t in a play. I was in Childers.

Lovely town. Great pub. And a very nice meal (chicken Kiev, chips & salad) for $11. Just make sure you bring some cash.

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