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Oil pastels & 2B pencil on paper

Had a little trip to Maryborough (Q.) last Saturday, and attended a Life Drawing group adjacent to Gataker’s Art Space in Kent Street. I must be mad, as I didn’t even get a photo after the gig (as I usually do) of the beautiful room we were in. Amazing old-world heritage building – super high ceiling with exposed wooden beams; and wooden floor. A big space, like a hall. And all around, the wonderful chaos of easels and sheets of paper, and lots of artists doing their thing. Had a great morning with the group (all women artists). I asked one of them “Where are all the blokes?” The reply was, “You’re The Blokes.” A very different situation in Bundaberg Life Drawing circles where the ratio is about 50/50 at the place where I draw.

Anyway, this is one of my drawings of the day, of Greta the model. Wonderful curvy model, and she knew her stuff. Had coffee about half time, and chatted to some of the artists, and checked out their works (on the easels). I am somewhat of a maverick life drawer myself (do I ever learn?), as I need a table to work on, and I work small. Maybe because of my visual impairment. But also I seem to have always had my “drawing muse” in my wrists and fingers, rather than my arm. An encroachment of my cartoon roots also. I save my arm for painting – which seems a totally different thing to me. Maybe painting uses a different part of the brain, to drawing. I don’t know. Ms Google might know.

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