A7 - Mirror Heads - 1220 x 910mm - Dennis Mealor 2010

All babies need to get out now and then. So now that I am living at the Sunshine Coast (hinterland), I thought I would let them have their debut here (odd thing to say on an online Blog). But I have thoughts of exhibiting them as a retrospective at the Sunny Coast. I am not finished with them yet.

A16 - Tears of I Part 4 - 920 x 1220mm - Dennis Mealor 2011

The Fragments of Vision works here (the ones involving eyes, mainly) were exhibited at my solo exhibition at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) in 2011. The theme was my eyes, which had been hit by severe optic nerve damage about a year before, with a permanent 90% loss of my vision. Since then, I have referred to myself as a “Visually Impaired Artist.” Thankfully, the condition stabilised, so I am happy with the 10% vision I have (break out the violins). A great result, considering the possible total loss of vision prognosis at the time (2009).

A5 - Fractals of Vision - 1520 x 1020mm -D.  Mealor 2011 -

I have been doing art passionately since my childhood (paintings, cartoons and sketches). But oddly, since my vision loss, I have done more art than the rest of my life put together. There must be a moral in their somewhere (click on images to enlarge – Note: some devices may rotate images).

A17 - Thoughts of Norman Gunston While Re-Learning to Shave - 920 x 920mm - D. Mealor 2011

Naked Eyes Observe the Ideal - D. Mealor 2011 - SOLD - Acrylic & mixed media on canvas - 920x920mm

DSC04107 at Loading Dock cafe West End, Brisbane.

Paintings (top to bottom) are: 1. Mirror Heads 2. Tears of i 3. Fractals of Vision 4. Thoughts of Norman Gunston While Re-Learning to Shave 5. Naked Eyes Observe the Ideal 6. Me, at my 2013 exhibition at Loading Dock espresso, West End, Brisbane. YOU TUBE CLIP OF LOADING DOCK EXHIBITION (BELOW): ART & ORIGINAL MUSIC BY DENNIS MEALOR (COMPOSITION, PRODUCTION & PERFORMANCE).

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