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I had only visited Nambour a few times since arriving at the Sunshine Coast area. And there she was. Aloof. Beautiful. Intriguing. But she averted her eyes and wouldn’t even look at me. I was in the op-shop looking for a bookcase. She was evidently looking for some clothes, as she stood in the clothing section. My late dear old Dad, in his Northern English brogue would have said something like, “Aye, she were a buxom wench, that one.” Aye, she is.

Someone told me that Nambour is sometimes called
“Nam-boring.” I think not. More to come on Nambour on my little blog here. ‘Tis a special place. As I walk its streets, I can feel its beating heart, underneath there somewhere. Quaint little vintage shops, great cafes, and street art splashed about. And besides, She is there. I like her, even though she ignores me (click on image to enlarge).

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