During the 2013 Bundaberg flood (the biggest ever – over 1,000 helicopter rooftop rescues in 24 hours), I was about 5 months without a permanent place to stay. By Australian standards, rather a stressful time. Waiting for my unit to be fixed up, with a bill of $20,000 to the interior. I own the unit, so lucky the insurance people paid up. For 6 weeks, the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) allowed me to stay in the Artist-in-Residence flat. It was up above the gallery, with wonderful old world Federation d├ęcor. A great place for photo-shoots inside. And directly outside, the CBD. These pics are of the corner of Barolin (immediately below) and Quay Street (left). Thank you BRAG, I would have gone insane without this reprieve from couch sitting, and feeling like a refugee. The flood was devastating, and Bundaberg is still trying to recover emotionally from it. But no worries, we live in a Lucky Country, Australia. I spare more thought for many of the overseas disasters in Developing countries. We will survive.



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