This is a meta-ironic work inspired by the novel The Alchemist, by Paul Coelho. This book has had a profound effect on how I see my life. 

The novel is the story of a shepherd (Santiago) who journeys from his home town, to the Egyptian pyramids, to seek his destiny in life: his “Personal Legend.” However, his journey eventually leads him back to his home town. And this is where he finds his destiny: from where he came from.

 Now to the “meta-irony” bit. The first draft of this painting was of aspects and characters in the novel, such as the Pyramids; and The Alchemist himself. It didn’t work. It seemed all so contrived. However, I then realized that the book is about one’s own journey. So my painting is essentially a self-portrait. And the style is a return to my naïve roots as a youth. Like the shepherd Santiago, I have come full circle. The story of The Alchemist is about oneself, and the journey to find one’s own “Personal Legend.”  I am happy, as I think I got there.


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