My Art Mojo had been gone for some weeks. No, probably months. It comes and goes. Well, painting mojo anyway. I didn’t know how to get out of it. So for some unknown reason I contemplated having a go at setting up a canvas and painting naked. I have done life modelling many times before in the past, for art classes like Tafe. And I remembered how exhilarating it was, relaxing and contemplative. To say that may sound cliche, but is true to many who have a go at it. And it worked again today, even without a room full of artists. Clothes must inhibit in many ways. They protect us, but at the same time, inhibit us.


I was going to do more to this painting. This was only the start. But no, my partner said Don’t do any more. It is done. She was right. It just came out, and just was. I love it. Maybe done in 20 seconds. I am calling it Red Nude. 

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