This photo went viral Australia-wide in 2013. I entered it in the Bundaberg Arts Society annual competition that year. The previous year 2012, I had won their 1st Prize in the photography section ($1,000) for a different mature nude photograph. But that year (2013) my entry was barred. The local media got wind of it, and published stories on it with regard to the topic of censorship in art. Within days, the Sydney Morning Herald took it up. Then a national online art magazine in Melbourne (Artshub). And much more.


I also received 45,000 hits on this art blog that week, which was in its infancy. So much for censorship. More people would have seen my photo after the banning, than before. Many thousands more. Today, I think this is the best photo I have taken. It has everything going for it. A great setting; great natural light; and Sophia. A wonderful model. Viva Italia!


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