One late afternoon, sunlight streamed through my glass front door, and highlighted my music paraphernalia. I just took the shot – nature set it up for me. This photo was featured in my “Fragments of Vision” exhibition at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) in October 2011. Was sold (framed) to an unknown buyer, a couple actually. Later, I was at the local art shop and the new  owners  were having it reframed, more elaborately, as well as another I had sold to them. So I was given my original frames back. Sweet as! Except that the frames (along with all my frames) were destroyed years later in Bundaberg’s 2013 flood. C’est la Vie, ha ha. The Art Fairy giveth, and she taketh away . . .


Light Music - Dennis Mealor - 2011 - Photograph - 10x8

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