The Silting

The Silting is Dennis J Mealor’s first novel for publication. He has a PhD in Creative Writing/Literary Studies at Central Queensland University, Australia. Along with other subjects, he tutored in Gothic Literature and Film. However, his love for the Gothic began when he first read Bram Stoker’s Dracula at age sixteen.

Between 2008 and 2009, Mealor suffered severe eye trauma (optic nerve damage). As a result, he now has about 10% vision in each eye. However, he has come to terms with this. A major factor in the acceptance of his disability was the realisation some years ago, that he could still do art, and in particular painting and photography. Since 2010, he has reinvented himself as a Visually Impaired Artist, Writer, and Musician. The Gothic also shows in much of his artwork.

He was born in the small shrimp-fishing village of Parkgate, near Neston, in the north-west of England. He has long been a naturalised citizen of Australia. His childhood memories, and subsequent return visits to the UK, have given him the inspiration for the fictitious town of Cove in Gothic novel, The Silting.