Den & Ray Mealor at 28 Ellena Street Maryborough 1973 ishMarker pen on paper – This is a cartoon of my brother (with guitar) and me, at 28 Ellena Street, Maryborough, Queensland, Australia. The Old Queenslander house was about 100 years old even then – and was demolished in 1975. I was quite distraught when I saw it being dismantled after returning from a year in Melbourne. The house had horse stables at the back, in pioneer years – the stone floor of the stables was still there under the lawn at the back of the yard. I used to find shell fossils in the rocks there, as a kid. A commercial box-shaped Besser-block building is on the site today. Lots of memories, from age 10 to age 23 – late-night jam sessions and parties after playing a gig at the nearby Tatts Hotel (as drummer). The neighbours were no doubt glad when it was pulled down. Note the car jack as a substitute for one of the stumps – that was there for maybe 10 years!


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