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I did a series of nude photo-shoots of Hayley (age 50), but she didn’t want any of the photos to be exhibited. No worries at all. Not all “models” are willing to do that. No problem posing for a sketch though. Before I do a photo-shoot, I always get a consent form signed by the model and me. This form gives total power of Veto to the model. It means I can not exhibit any photos without her later written permission specific to the photo/s being exhibited. Over the last 7 years since I began “life photo-art,” I have rarely had any problems finding models. I am not after so-called “glamour.”  Just everyday women of all adult ages, shapes and sizes. Beautiful in their own right. Preferably mature age, about 40 years plus, but that rule is not locked in cement.

The oldest model I have photographed was 68 – Anita – wonderful. She appears on this site.  I get so fed up with society’s emphasis on “glamour” and youth, which is formulaic and has to meet a certain set criteria. If you browse through all my pages, I think you might get my point. There are some examples of nude male photo-art here also, and some drawings. I am not averse to male nude models, as I draw them regularly at a local life drawing class.  But I find that males are more  difficult to come by, less willing to model. That said, I do prefer the female form, and many female artists that I have met also say the same (but not all).

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This is a Blog, a Journal (for those who are not used to Blogs), so at the bottom of each page, click on “previous entries” to go back one page at a time, to see my previous posts. There are heaps! “Home” (at top of page) gets you to the latest things I have posted. After looking over my Blog recently, I felt I should call my site “Eclectia.” Artists are supposed to stay on one type of thing – or do they? Not to worry, I have always been a collection of loose threads. Music, painting, and photo-art. I swing from one to the other. Lately, it has been mainly photo-art. Oh yes, and writing – but have not done that seriously  for some time – since I did a Gothic novel for my PhD in 2007.

Anyway, this is my sketchy take on the lovely Hayley . . .

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