One of my neighbours phoned me at about 10pm two nights ago. She told me to look outside at the fog. Wow, a pea souper on the river at the back of the building  – could see no lights of the city across the river at all. Pitch black, and usually, it is all lit up with reflections on the water. Over a decade since I last saw fog in Bundaberg. I ventured out into the street at the front  of the house, with my compact camera. Took numerous shots, including this one. Suburban loneliness. The wheelie bin was there already. I took some shots, then moved the bin out of the way and took some more. Much better with the bin in shot. Almost alive, a figure to be pitied under the diffuse foggy moon. As is my usual on this site, this is a Photoshop-free zone.


DSC08862A - resized for Blog.

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