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Drawing – 5 minutes – Geny standing.

Had fish n chips today near the beach with Geny. Then back to her place and did some quick drawings of her, in my usual cartoon-reeking style. She is a great subject, has done photo-modelling for me (see this site) and I suggested she try Life Modelling at a class – so she thinks she might give it a go sometime. Maybe next year, as everything seems to slow down or close about this time of year, worst luck. That word “Christmas” seems to be uttered sooner every year in the shops and media. Aaaagh, humbug. Not to worry, Art will still go on, even if people are too preoccupied to look at it. These sketches are done with oil-pastels and 2B pencil on acid-free paper.


Drawing – 10 minutes – Geny on sofa.


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