DSC07689a crop, auto - resizedAnother find from my “flood vault” – archival drawing circa 1980’s. A past lover in the bath. This was entered in the annual Bundaberg Arts Festival at the time. Nude photos were also entered by other people then, with no adverse reaction. A different story today, where the same festival stamps “No Nudity” on their photographic sections on the entry form. This is apparently due to a photo I entered last year and the controversy it created. A harmless full frontal, everyday nude (see “Viva Italia” this site).

This is the 21st Century isn’t it? I know that Bundaberg is not the World, but in many ways The World has gone backwards. Everything we learned in the 60s is being whittled away by stealth. And what a┬ádichotomy – porn is beamed into our houses for kids to see while some art galleries and exhibitions can’t show a nude photograph. Reminds me of the hypocrisy of the Victorian era – neck to shoe clothing on women, a church on every second street corner, and a brothel on almost every other street corner. Aaaagh. Beam me up some days.

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