My acrylic lunch.

LAST WEDNESDAY 3RD DECEMBER 2014. Bargara beach, near Bundaberg Australia.

As part of The Brag Trade art group, I had a great morning doing some pleine air finger-painting near the beach. We all planned to avoid using brushes – which is fine for me as a lot of my painting is finger-based anyway. Only three of us there (Jacky, Gaye & me) as we have had our little Xmas lunch some weeks ago. So this was a last get-together for the year, and others couldn’t make it. But Julie dropped in for a coffee.

On the topic of coffee, we did more coffees than painting, but that’s ok. Our usual form. Getting together is mainly to do just that – get together and find some inspiration from the outdoors and each other. I managed to get some paint on canvas after an hour’s chat (and coffee) – then did this finger-painted seascape (last pic below). The orange sky was in my head and at the tips of my fingers, not in real life. I am not imuch nto realism in painting. I indulge my realism craving with my photo-art instead. Fish n chips facing the beach after our painting session, then more coffee.  A great morning.

DSC07881A CROP, AUTO resized

Jacky, hard at painting. Gaye, hard at meditating. No, she was having a good time as she always does. An unguarded moment. Me, serious as, concentrating on another damn selfie of the group.


Jacky and Gaye in chat mode. And the little black-hatted goblin that follows me everywhere.


The Artist’s Camp at Bargara beach. Julie has dropped in for a coffee. Paintings on show are by Jacky.


My Untitled Beach scene. What was I on? Coffee.

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