DSC08544a crop, auto - for BlogI am not a Buddhist, but like a growing number of Westerners, I love the image of the Buddha. So calming. I based this painting on a large wood-carved Buddha in my lounge room.  I can recall having a little Buddha figurine at the side of my hospital bed about 6 years ago, when I was battling with my rapidly deteriorating eyesight. It made me aware of my attachment to normal vision. So I was prepared for the worst (possible pending total blindness), and allowed things to just happen. I just meditated as much as I could on the bed and said to myself “bring it on.” No point worrying, it was all out of my control. So, focussing on the little Buddha figurine helped me to accept any outcome, no matter how dire. Fortunately, the condition stabilised, and I was left with a wonderful remnant of 10% vision in each eye (bring on the violins). Enough ‘tunnel vision’ to allow me to still paint. I am very lucky. The painting is seen hanging here  at the Gazee Art Gallery so to speak, my second home, with the wonderful curator Gaye N.

DSC08557a crop, auto - for Blog

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